About Us

Our family began visiting The Great Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg over 44 years ago. Even back then we knew that this area was “Someplace Special”.  With little money in their pockets and three kids in tow, our folks would load up the cooler and car and head to the mountains, often times delaying that electric bill, or putting off rent day, just to do something special for us.
Smoky Mountain vacations back then were motel pools, and parkway picnics of bologna sandwiches or a bucket of chicken spread out on a quilt from home. A special treat was silver dollar or chocolate chip pancake breakfast at a local diner…Or that one time we went to “Santa’s Land” in Cherokee.
 Over the years, we brought friends, other family members, and then our spouses and children too. Without a doubt-our love, and theirs, grew year after year. In 2016 we began working on our dreams of owning a place in this magical part of the country in hopes that we can share our love of the Smoky Mountains with others and their families too.
 Our passion is sharing with you our beautiful, cozy, and most importantly affordable lodging in this area we adore. We work very hard to deliver customer service next to none and see to it that everyone has the chance to make those same “Smoky Mountain Memories” we still hold so dear. We know that if you choose our vacation rentals you will not be disappointed. Please, take a look. Then, get ready to book.
 We look forward to making you part of our Hapey Cabin Rental Family.
~ Angie ~
Owner Hapey Cabin Rentals
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