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September 30, 2021 by pyrpawmarketing


We receive notice at time of payment that this agreement has been accepted by you, therefore you are agreeing to abide by & follow all rules associated with renting one of our properties. Remember, these are our personal vacation homes. Treat them kindly.



  1. NO SMOKING POLICY: Smoking or vaping of any kind is NOT allowed inside. Smoking is allowed outside only. Should cleaning/maintenance detect that smoking or vaping took place in the cabin you will be responsible for any damage or additional cleaning to remove debris, ashes, butts or odors. Please be very mindful that you are surrounded by dry wood and underbrush.  Fires are very possible. DO NOT dispose of any smoking material on the ground. This includes our decks, patios, railings, tables, driveways, or yards. Use the ashtray/butt can provided to flick ashes and dispose of cigar and cigarettes. ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS TOLERATED!!
  2. RENTERS: People other than those listed in the Guest(s) party number may not stay overnight in the property. Any other visitor to the property MUST be approved and are the sole responsibility of Guest and any damages that occur are the responsibility of the renter on file. Guests are not allowed to exceed the occupancy limit agreed to. This reservation is NON-TRANSFERABLE. Only the party on our owner records is permitted in the cabin and only for the designated dates and time. You are not allowed to re-rent, sublet, transfer, or otherwise sell rental time to anyone. The person on record as the renter MUST be present on site.
  3. NOISE: Guests should not create excessive noise at a level that disturbs neighbors AT ANY TIME; Code-enforced neighborhood quiet on-premise hours are from 10:00p.m.–8:00a.m. THIS INCLUDES PETS IN OUR PET FRIENDLY CABINS. If we receive pet noise complaints, we will ask that you board your pet. If we receive noise complaints about guests you will be advised to cease any excessive noise or vacate our homes (rental property) at once. If necessary, the proper authorities will be involved. ABSOLUTELY NO FIREWORKS ARE ALLOWED TO BE SET OFF AT THE PROPERTIES AT ANYTIME. 
  4. LIABILITY: All of the unit(s) are privately owned; the owners are NOT responsible for any accidents, injuries, or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. The Homeowners are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest. Please double check for all of your personal belongings prior to departure as we have no way to store or ship lost or left behind items. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise.
  5. FURNISHINGS: Keep the property and all furnishings in good order. You are welcome to move furnishings to be comfortable but please place them back in their original position. All of our bedding, as well as all pillows are covered with Allergy/Bed Bug Protectors. Please DO NOT REMOVE these covers. They are in place for our guest’s protection and you will be charged for replacement costs or any bed bug extermination or replacement of pillows/mattress(es)if you are found to have removed them. 
  6. APPLIANCES: Only use appliances for their intended uses. ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL GRILLS/HIBACHIS PERMITTED ON THE DECK(s)AT ANY TIME! There is a park model charcoal grill available to our guests outside of the cabins/chalet as well as grill accessories. Respect incoming guests and clean up the grill after use.. Please DO NOT place charcoal in our propane grills if the tanks are empty! In addition, please scrape the grill after use and remember to replace the grill covers AFTER THEY COOL! 
  7. PARKING: Vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas only. Hapey Memories has ample parking for multiple vehicles and/or a tow trailer, Hapey Place has a driveway that will accommodate no more than 2 vehicles, Fishin’ & Wishin’ will accommodate no more than 2 vehicles, Timeless Tranquillity is best suited to only 1 vehicle. Parking on the road, double parking, or blocking the driveway of others is not permitted at any time. Any illegally parked cars are subject to towing; applicable fines/towing fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner. 
  8. HOUSEKEEPING: There is no daily housekeeping service. While linens and bath towels are included in the unit, daily maid service is not. We suggest you bring beach towels for the hot tub and pools or you may wash the linens in the washer/dryer provided for fresh towels daily.  We do not permit towels or linens to be taken from the units. Please abide by all rentals agreement policies and follow the departure instruction checklist to avoid partial or complete loss of your deposit. 
  9. GARBAGE: All trash is to be placed in the proper garbage receptacle IN A BAG located in the kitchen and baths and outside. We provide two (2) white indoor liners & two (2) black outside liners. Purchase more if these will not be enough during your stay.  PLEASE CLEAN OUT ALL ITEMS FROM THE FREEZER / FRIDGE / PANTRY PRIOR TO DEPARTURE. Please do not place loose cans, bottles, diapers, pet feces, or trash directly in the cans. All trash MUST be in a garbage bag Upon departure from cabins: Place ALL trash in the black receptacle on the deck. DO NOT ALLOW CANS TO OVERFLOW!! If you need a trash pick up during your stay call me immediately to schedule one.
  10. HOT TUB/POOLS: NO PETS PERMITTED IN HOT TUBS AT ANY TIME-REPLACE COVER WHEN NOT IN USE.  CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED AT ALL TIMES IN THE HOT TUB, COMMUNITY GAME ROOMS, & POOL AREAS. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO PLAY IN THE HOT TUBS UNSUPERVISED. PLEASE RESPECT OTHERS USE OF THE COMMUNITY HOT TUBS.  When using the hot tub, remember there is a certain health risk associated. Use at your own risk. WE ARE IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR MISUSE. Our housekeepers drain, sanitize, and refill hot tubs prior to each guest’s arrival at the cabins; therefore, it may not be warm until later that evening. If you have issues, contact us immediately.  DO NOT STAND/SIT ON THE HOT TUB COVERS. Hot tub covers are for insulation purposes and are not designed to support a person or persons. They will break and you may be charged for replacement. Remember when not using the hot tub, leave cover on so hot tub will stay warm and free of debris. DO NOT MIX ALCOHOL/DRUGS WITH USE OF THE HOT TUB. DO NOT ADD OILS/SCENTS/BUBBLES in the hot tub. NO GLASS IN THE HOT TUB. By accepting this Rental Agreement, you (and those with you) understand that you are using the hot tub and/or pool/sauna entirely at your own risk and we are not responsible for injury. Should you need to refill the hot tub water level at the cabins in the winter, you MUST turn off the water after filling AND disconnect the hose from the faucet. If our pipes freeze as a result of your improper use, you will be charged for all damage and service calls.  
  11. FIREPLACE: The fireplace(s) in HAPEY PLACE, HAPEY MEMORIES, are electric fireplaces, please turn them off when not at the properties. FISHIN & WISHIN and TIMELESS TRANQUILITY have a gas  fireplace. PLEASE be sure to turn these off prior to leaving at any time. Do not plug electric fireplaces into any power bar or extension cord, plug only into the wall to avoid overheating/power surge.
  12. WATER & SEPTIC: The cabins are on a well and septic systems. The mineral content in the water is high. The hot tub at the cabin may get a reddish/orange tint when operational due to the combination of iron in the water and heat from the tub. This is normal, clean, and in no way harmful. Contact me immediately for any other hot tub issues or concerns. The septic system is very effective; however, it will clog up if improper material is flushed. DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING OTHER THAN TOILET PAPER. DO NOT FLUSH feminine products, flushable or diaper wipes, pet feces, or condoms. If it is found that feminine products, condoms, or any other materials have been flushed and clog the septic system, you could be charged damages, calls to plumbers, and cost or repair and/or replacement.
  13. WEATHER: If there are storms/hurricane/fire/snow/rain warnings or watches, no refunds will be given unless the State or Local authorities order mandatory evacuations in the vacationing area of Sevier County (Pigeon Forge) or The City of Gatlinburg. The day that the authorities order a mandatory evacuation in a Tropical Storm/Hurricane/Fire/Tornado/Snow Warning area, we will refund:
  • Any unused portion of rent from a guest currently registered;
  • Any unused portion of rent from a guest that is scheduled to arrive, and wants to shorten the stay, to come in after the Hurricane/Storm/Fire Warning is lifted; and Any advance rents collected or deposited for a reservation that is scheduled to arrive during the “Hurricane Warning” period.  No refunds will be given for rain, sleet, or snow.

Mountain roads can be curvy and steep. Gravel drives, parking lots and roads are generally well maintained; however, we highly recommend four-wheel drive and/or chains during the snow and winter months. Stay tuned to the local weather for any issues and notifications. We do not refund due to road conditions at any time as Mother Nature is out of our control.

The roads leading to the cabin and condo are available to view on our YouTube Channel. Again, we highly recommend 4wheel drive and/or snow chains during inclement weather. In addition, we do not issue refunds for early departures. 

  1. PETS (ADDITIONAL FEES ASSESSED AND CHARGED IF ANY OF THESE RULES ARE DISREGARDED!!) Pets (DOGS ONLY) are permitted ONLY with prior approval & a $25 non-refundable pet fee. We love all pets, any shape, age, size so we do not have a restriction on breed, or weight. All pets must be current on vaccination & flea/tick treated. We offer our 4 cabins as pet friendly at a VERY affordable rate. We are ok with pets on furnishings, -please respect our home, our property, future guests, and our neighbors. Be a good pet parent! The non-refundable $25 fee is used to maintain furnishings, floors, vacuums, pooper scoopers, etc. It is not a housekeeping charge-clean up after your pets please.  Furniture coverings are provided, and MUST be used at times. You will find them in the clearly marked shelf in the laundry room of Hapey Place and a basket at the fireplace of Hapey Memories. They are king size sheets (COLORED SHEETS ONLY-DO NOT USE THE WHITE) to drape over furniture/bed. Pets must be cleaned up after and always leashed when outdoors unless they are inside the fence at Hapey Memories. If you wash your dog in our tubs-CLEAN UP AFTERWARD! Do not leave hair or dirt for housekeeping.  Understand that wildlife encounters are a possibility and the roads can be hazardous. Please do not allow your pets out alone-EVER! When you leave the cabin and pets are left behind, you MUST crate them every time. If your pet does not handle crating well-contact me immediately to discuss prior to your stay. We can work something out. DO NOT EVER USE THE DECK, SCREENED ROOM, PORCH, BATHROOM, BEDROOM AS A “PEN”, ENCLOSURE, BARRIER!!! Please note that you will be held responsible for any damage from scratching and chewing, odors, or excessive hair left behind by your pet. There is a vacuum & broom, mop, spot cleaner, and carpet cleaner (Hapey Memories) provided and it is MANDATORY that you sweep/vacuum hair before you leave. We travel with multiple pets ourselves and feel we are very courteous, we only ask the same kindness. We love our furry family and want to make everyone’s vacation comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable, even for those NOT traveling with pets. We can only provide a pet friendly cabin if we all are courteous pet parents.  ADDITIONAL FEES WILL BE CHARGED FOR EXCESSIVE HAIR LEFT BEHIND AND/OR PET FECES LEFT/IMPROPERLY DISPOSED OF! This costs us additional cleaning fees and our housekeepers time.  Again, MANDATORY use is required of provided furniture covers & MANDATORY sweep/vacuum after your pets. Thank you for respecting our home & being a courteous pet owner. DO NOT ALLOW PETS IN OUR HOT TUB-YOU WILL BE LIABLE TO REPLACE IF DAMAGED OR CLOGGED.
  2. OUR HOMES ARE NOT PARTY LODGES! You may only have the number of guests you report to us and never more than the maximum permitted. We reserve the right to do drive-by inspections and can and will evict anyone from our homes should you be found in violation of any part of our rental agreement. Excessive cleaning from any time of ‘Party” will result in losing the full deposit and/or additional charges for cleaning above and beyond what we deem”normal”. These are our personal vacation homes, please treat them with respect.
  3. SUPPLIES: We supply a “start up” of the following for your convenience but you may need to purchase more during your stay- Toilet Paper, Paper towels, dish liquid, dishwasher and laundry detergents (for those cabins with them), a hotel soap, two indoor and two outdoor trash bags.



By accepting this agreement & reserving our property, you are agreeing to pay by the dates provided, in full, the amount quoted to you on VRBO. IMPORTANT PAYMENT AND TRAVEL INFORMATION IS SENT THROUGH THE VRBO WEBSITE YOU BOOKED THROUGH. PLEASE KEEP A CHECK AND MAKE SURE NOTHING GOES TO YOUR SPAM FOLDER. 

 You also agree to cancellation policies listed clearly on VRBO

  • 30+ days prior notice 100% refundable
  • 29-15 Days prior notice %50 refundable
  • 14 days or less notice NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED

You agree BY BOOKING AND MAKING PAYMENTS that we attached this agreement to our reservation page, the same place you received our emailed quotes, communications, and reservation confirmation. In addition, we have advised you of the importance of reading this agreement. By reserving our property, you accept this contract and agree to abide by all rules of the cabin or condo you reserved   and understand that you can/will be responsible for disregarding rules in the rental agreement, departure instructions, any damages or additional cleaning needed should it be reported/documented by our Cleaning, Owners,  & Maintenance Crews and amounts of your damage deposit or pet fee can/will be withheld or increased up to and including replacements, repairs, and legal fees if necessary. You have read and agreed to this Rental Agreement. Booking this property will serve as a signature to this agreement.

Please feel free to contact us at any time at 804-654-1926 or at

We hope you enjoy your stay with us at Hapey Place, Hapey Memories, Fishin & Wishin, Timeless Tranquility 

Thank you for staying with us,

Angie & Harry Abplanalp